Pokemon X and Y Rom

I’ve waited TOO long for these games, and I haven’t been able to buy them. Plus, playing a pokemon x and y rom on the computer is so much fun!!

Watch the video I showed you in my last post for download instructions.


You can download the emulator here

You can download the roms here

Pokemon X and Y Rom and 3ds Emulator

After a few weeks of work I finally created my 3ds Emulator! I also put the pokemon x and y roms for download.
Download emulator here: http://gg.gg/3dsEmulate
Download roms here: http://gg.gg/XYRom

Watch the video for full instructions on how to unlock it.

Pokemon x and y rom download! With emulator!

Tired of looking for 3ds emulators that don’t work? I was too, that’s why (as a software developer) I decided to make my own. I created the best Nintendo 3ds Emulator to date! It’s still in alpha, yes, so there are some bugs. But I guarantee it’s the best 3ds Emulator you’ll find anywhere. Soon I will upload a video of me providing download/installation instructions as well as a quick demo. But until then, I’ll guide you through it here!

1. Download the .rar file here.

2. Open the README.txt file in the .rar, open the link inside and you will be directed to a survey. To get the password to use the emulator you must complete an offer. They are easy and only take a couple of minutes, remember to use real info!

3. After you have the password, you can unlock the emulator!

For the ROMs:

1. Download the Pokemon X and Y Rom here.

2. Just like for the emulator, go to the link in the README file, and do a quick survey to get the password.

3. Unlock the X and Y roms (password works for both files!), open them in the emulator, and start playing!

Have fun!